Get in the game! Complete your bracket for the Hottest HR Trend

UPDATE: The contest has ended! The winning HR trend is ::drumroll:: Digitization! HR teams everywhere are focusing on taking advantage of technology to streamlines processes, increase efficiency and improve the employee experience. 

A lesson in start-up growth: How to change without changing

“This year will be the tipping point, I can feel it.” That’s what I said to my team at the start of 2015. And then again in 2016. And then get the idea. But as it turns out, 2017 really was the tipping point for PeopleDoc. Looking at our year-end results, we doubled our revenue, hired 75 employees, gained 225 new customers and maintained 100% customer retention. At this stage, it looks like things should get easier. But this is exactly when it gets dangerous to lose focus.  

Meet the People Behind PeopleDoc: Nicole Taylor

  This is the first post in our new series, Meet the People Behind PeopleDoc, where we peel back the curtain on what makes PeopleDoc a truly great company—our employees.   The Basics: Describe your role at PeopleDoc I’m the Business Development Manager for North America. I’m responsible for coaching and developing our business development representatives. We work together to spread awareness about PeopleDoc’s solutions and connect prospects with our Account Executives. My team reaches out to companies who express an interest in PeopleDoc and explains what our platform does and how it can benefit their business.

Peek into the Future of Work at HR Tech World Amsterdam

More than 5,000 leaders from 6 continents are meeting this year at HR Tech World Amsterdam to share their vision for the future of HR and explore the new technologies that will impact it, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things, cognitive computing and chatbots.

Making HR Document Generation Easier

In June, we announced Advanced Document Generation, a new feature to help HR build custom documents in ⅓ the time it takes today. Expanding our existing HR document generation capabilities for more static documents, Advanced Document Generation reduces the time it takes for HR to create complex, logic-based documents - and reduces the risk of error. This innovation was the result of collaboration with our customers, as well as a major effort from our R&D team. In this post, we’ll explore why PeopleDoc chose to invest document generation.

What To Know Before You Go: Tips for the SuccessConnect Conference

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Changing Lives with Simplon

This past May, PeopleDoc launched a social action initiative to support two organizations that are doing amazing work with youth and vulnerable groups. This week, I spoke with Yann Perchec, CTO at PeopleDoc about one of these organizations. Simplon is a France-based company that is working to train vulnerable groups living in disadvantaged areas in computer programming. Their goal is to provide comprehensive professional training to young people and other disenfranchised groups so they can successfully find employment or start their own business.