How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming HR for the Better

When you hear the term “artificial intelligence,” your mind probably conjures up images of complex systems, robots, and algorithms reminiscent of scenes from a science fiction film — not your company’s HR department. While artificial intelligence (AI) can feel like a far-off fantasy for professionals outside the tech sector, it’s quickly becoming commonplace in the workplace. In HR departments in particular, AI is proving to be a valuable tool for developing and managing talent.

Moving Forward: 3 Ways to Sustain HR Momentum After the Pandemic

Over the past year, leaders across every sector have persevered through difficulty with thoughtfulness and tackled unforeseen challenges with ingenuity. In the HR world specifically, countless teams were forced to rapidly roll out new policies to take care of their employees and help them work under radically different conditions.

3 Research-Based Trends to Inform Your Digital HR Practices

When we hear the term “future of work” it can seem like a far-off concept, one that typically conjures images of robots sitting behind a desk, next to a human counterpart. More accurately, the future of work is about real, macro technological, sociological and economic trends that are already changing the way we work today. In this blog, we’ll explore three research-based trends, how these trends impact HR, and the technology capabilities they will need to incorporate into their digital HR practices.

4 Predictions for HR Services in 2019

We’re halfway through the first “real” work week of the new year and as you think through your plans for 2019, it helps to look at the big picture. There are a lot of HR trends that experts predict will shape the year ahead, but we’re taking a more narrow approach. Here are four predictions we have for this year and how they will affect HR Services in particular.