The Top 10 HR Service Delivery Articles of 2019
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on December 30th, 2019

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The Top 10 HR Service Delivery Articles of 2019

HR Service Delivery

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As we close the door on 2019 and prepare to enter a new decade, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year. What topics were top of mind for HR services and operations? Read on to revisit our most popular articles.


1. Digital HR transformation: 3 organizations that are walking the talk

There’s no one right way to tackle digital transformation within HR. That said, the whole idea can feel overwhelming at times. For inspiration and reassurance, it helps to look to your peers who have been there, done that. In this article, we looked at the transformation initiatives at IBM, Royal Bank of Canada, and Siemens.


2. Getting started with HR process mapping

If digital transformation is on your radar, then you can’t afford to not be familiar with process mapping. It’s the most effective way to get everyone on the same page around how a process currently works and how it could be improved. We broke down how it works in this step-by-step guide.


3. The vital first step to effective employee surveys (that you’re probably skipping)

As HR focuses more and more on providing a great employee experience, it’s increasingly important for organizations to have a strategy for soliciting feedback. Surveys remain one of the most effective tactics, but this one common mistake could derail your efforts.    


4. Does your HR shared services center need a local HR presence?

When you implement an HR shared services center, should you keep an HR representative in each location? Or, should managers be expected to step up in their absence? In this article, two companies with opposite strategies shared their stories.


5. Automating HR processes: 4 places to start

Process automation can profoundly improve operational efficiency. But the reality is you likely can’t automate everything at once—so where should you start? In this post we explored the four processes that benefit most from automation.


6. What is employee sentiment analysis and why does it matter?

As mentioned earlier, capturing the voice of the employee is more critical to HR’s agenda than ever before. While surveys are effective, employee sentiment analysis both accelerates and deepens the insight you can gain from the responses. This post explained what you need to know about this AI technology.


7. An HR transformation case study: Atos (Video)

The secret to a successful digital transformation? According to Jean-Michel Estrade, SVP of HR Global Digitization and Services, Atos, it’s leading with the transformation piece, not the digital piece. There are more bits of wisdom like this in this video case study.


8. Three ways to use HR service delivery analytics

HR is getting serious about using people analytics to drive decision making, and that includes HR Services teams. In this article, we explored how the analytics in your HR service delivery systems can be used to make work easier for employees and for HR, too.


9. Five productivity killers that get in the way of strategic HR activities

What’s getting in the way of HR being viewed as a strategic business function? In short, it comes down to more time spent on people matters and less time spent on paper. This article outlines the five areas where HR loses most of their valuable people time.


10. A quick guide to the tech terms HR needs to know

NLP, API, RPA—there has been a myriad of technology terms and their associated acronyms popping up the past fews years. This post broke them all down in a way that’s quick and easy to digest. Skip around to the terms you’re most curious about.


There you have it—the ten most-read posts of 2019. If you want to dive deeper into these topics, check out our content-packed resource, The 6 Things of Every HR Leader’s Wish List. Snag it today—it’s only available for a limited time!

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