Personalizing Processes: Why a Personal Touch Matters to Employees
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on September 12th, 2017

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Personalizing Processes: Why a Personal Touch Matters to Employees

Employee Experience  |  HR Operational Efficiency

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HR processes range from the relatively simple to the messy and complex. Auditing, automating, and streamlining processes is necessary to make sure your HR resources are being used effectively and that your team isn’t spending unnecessary amounts of time working through a process. And while efficient process management generally translates into higher quality support for employees, it’s also important to personalize support for employees. Especially when it comes to complicated processes like onboarding, one-size-fits-all processes just won’t work. In this post, we’ll take a look at why personalization matters and how you can achieve it without adding to your HR team’s workload.

Supporting Internal Processes for Different Employee Types

As new types of work agreements, such as contract work, have become more prevalent, organizations are now responsible for meeting the needs of multiple employee types. Depending on an employee’s work agreement, processes like onboarding, internal transfers, and leaves of absence can have very different requirements. For instance, it’s likely that the paperwork required for maternity leave or a transfer will be different for an hourly worker than a full-time employee.

Personalizing Processes- Why a Personal Touch Matters to Employees.pngManaging Legal and Policy Requirements to Stay in Compliance

Regulations and documentation can range vastly for employees working in different regions, making it difficult for HR to stay on top of compliance requirements. And failing to comply with local laws, regulations, and company policy can be extremely costly. Creating processes that are standardized at a global level but can account for regional differences in local legal requirements is imperative for staying compliant.

Giving Your Employees a Positive Experience

While personalization can have a significant impact on how effective a process is, it is also a way for you to provide a positive employee experience for your workforce. Providing transparency into processes so that employees understand the steps they’ll need to take can reduce frustrations and manage expectations. And ensuring that every required step of a process is included up-front for each type of employee means processes are completed faster - so both employees and HR get back to work in less time. Providing a personalized employee experience in the employee’s moment of need translates into higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.

One of the best ways to make sure your processes run efficiently is by implementing the right technology. Modern HR Service Delivery technology enables your HR team to create and automate personalized processes - and change them at will when company policy or regulations change. This ensure employees receive the right information and support based on their role and location. Empowering HR with process automation capabilities make it easier for HR to manage complicated processes, reducing error and minimizing time spent on manual tasks.

Increase HR Agility with  PeopleDoc's Process Automation
Increase HR Agility with  PeopleDoc's Process Automation

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