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Next-level HR Service Delivery at UHY Advisors [video]
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on August 8th, 2018

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Next-level HR Service Delivery at UHY Advisors [video]

HR Service Delivery

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UHY Advisors is a top professional services firm in the US that operates under a philosophy they call The Next Level of Service. This dedication to service isn’t just customer-oriented, it permeates the organization all the way through to HR, made evident by their HRIS Manager, Jeff Cunningham.


“Whenever employees are interacting with HR, it’s through one of the services that we offer. We want to make sure every touchpoint between our HR team and our employees is a good one,” says Jeff.


UHY had a goal to digitize all their paper employee files, but being service-minded, they had no intention to stop there. “We wanted to partner with a vendor that could get our files into a digital platform and then go beyond that to additional HR service capabilities."


Watch the video to hear from Jeff why PeopleDoc was the right vendor for UHY Advisors:




See why UHY Advisors, along with 1,000 other organizations, turn to PeopleDoc for their HR Service Delivery needs:

Learn more about PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery Platform 
Learn more about PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery Platform 

About Jolene Nicotina

Jolene Nicotina is the Content Marketing Manager for North America at PeopleDoc, Inc. She works on making sure HR professionals have all the latest information they need related to HR service delivery, HR technology, and PeopleDoc, Inc. Prior to PeopleDoc, Jolene worked in marketing communications for the healthcare technology industry.