Managing Global Compliance with a Modern HR Service Delivery Platform
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on March 23rd, 2017

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Managing Global Compliance with a Modern HR Service Delivery Platform

HR Service Delivery  |  Compliance and Security

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Around the world, corporate laws and regulations are constantly changing and updating, and the penalties for noncompliance can be costly. HR professionals play a critical role in ensuring compliance with each regulation, and yet, many HR teams aren’t using the most efficient, modern resources to support organizational compliance. Without the right tools, compliance can be complicated and difficult, particularly for global organizations managing regulations in multiple regions.

Managing Global Compliance with a Modern HR Service1 Delivery Platform.jpgBest-in-class technology and digital solutions can support compliance management and help mitigate risk. PeopleDoc is committed to providing best practice services through our global
HR Service Delivery platform, providing key capabilities to help proactively manage constant regulation changes. In our upcoming eBook, Why Worry? A Practical Guide to Proactive HR Compliance, we explore best practices for managing compliance and how modern HR Service Delivery software effectively supports these practices.


How a Global HR Service Delivery Platform Can Help Manage Compliance

Our eBook will provide specific insights into how to proactively manage compliance, secure sensitive information, manage global regulations, adapt to change, and foster employee engagement. The key is to implement a flexible, easy-to-update system that meets your organizational needs in order to effectively manage local requirements and support worry-free compliance.


A global HR Service Delivery platform can provide many ways to efficiently manage local regulations and ensure compliance before an audit ever occurs, including:

Manage Schedules for Document Retention

Document retention for employee-related records -- such as payroll information and benefits records -- can be particularly complicated. Each document in each country has its own unique retention requirements. Automating retention schedules takes this time-consuming task off of the already full plates of HR teams.

Track Documents and Forms

Over time, newer employees may have different versions of forms or documents in their employee digital file folder than older employees. Implementing metatags allows HR to quickly search and easily identify which document versions are used in each employee file.

Create Digital Forms

As forms and processes go digital, HR should have the ability to easily create web forms for employees to complete electronically. Without needing to code, HR professionals can update forms with simple drag-and-drop capabilities in minutes.

Build and Adjust Workflows

Some regulatory changes require changes to HR processes, such as onboarding. Without tapping IT resources, HR can adjust a process or quickly create a new one to comply with new regulations.

Implement Advanced Reporting

Being able to anticipate a document’s expiration, or identifying any documents missing from an employee’s file, allows HR to proactively request any necessary materials from employees. Advanced reporting capabilities help HR professionals to proactively manage this process and to generate requests to employees directly from their report.

Share Files Securely

Sensitive documents require a high standard of security, especially if they need to be shared. File sharing abilities make it easy to securely share confidential information with your legal team or third party auditors.

At PeopleDoc, we are dedicated to making HR’s job easier. Our modern, agile, and comprehensive platform streamlines and automates processes to give more time back to HR every day. Check back with us soon to view the entire eBook on proactive compliance!

Why Worry? A Practical Guide To  Proactive HR Compliance
Why Worry? A Practical Guide To  Proactive HR Compliance

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