Introducing Adriana Bokel Herde – Our New Chief Evangelist Officer

By: PeopleDoc on May 24th, 2017

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Introducing Adriana Bokel Herde – Our New Chief Evangelist Officer

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Adriana Bokel Herde joins PeopleDoc as Chief Evangelist Officer following her role as VP, People Services at Biogen. During her time at Biogen, she implemented best-in-class Human Resources solutions to enable global HR Shared Services, increasing agility and efficiency. She focused on aligning People Services with the company’s mission: saving patient lives. By providing her team with leading HR technology, they were able deliver better, faster services to employees – which meant employees spent less time on HR matters and more time saving patients’ lives. At PeopleDoc, Adriana will work closely with our customers through their HR digital transformation and share her HR expertise with our organization to continue to build a deeper understanding of HR needs.

We asked Adriana three questions to discover more about her experience and why she made the move to PeopleDoc:

1.What brought you to PeopleDoc?

Adriana:  The combination of innovation and technology. I am passionate about HR’s ability to make a true impact to the business strategy. I believe HR professionals have to challenge the traditional ways we provide services to employees and people managers. And that is where PeopleDoc comes in. PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery cloud allows HR to scale, create agility, and transform how HR delivers services to our internal stakeholders.

I have seen with my own eyes the impact an innovative, personalized, and HR-focused solution like PeopleDoc can make on the HR operational model. I feel so strongly about the power and the potential of this platform that I knew I wanted to share and enable others to go through the same digital transformation.


Introducing-Adriana-BokelHerde–Our-New-Chief-Evangelist-Officer.png2. You are our first-ever Chief Evangelist. How do you think your role will help our clients and prospects?

Adriana:  This role will be new to me as well! My role is to work with clients and prospects on operationalizing their HR transformation.
I also share my story of what is possible and how we change the way HR functions can provide HR services more efficiently. Even though every company is different, we HR professionals have the responsibility to challenge the status quo and challenge the way we have traditionally provided services to employees. Our employees are changing and so HR needs to change too. Innovative technologies are the front row to enable these changes.   

From my experience, I’ve seen enough HR solutions to know what “great” looks like. I want to provide that insight to others and give them the ability to create the same transformation that I did at Biogen within their own organizations. I plan on doing so by sharing the HR solution best practices that I’ve learned throughout my career.

At the end of the day, I want to be able to inspire credibility and confidence in HR departments, letting them know they have the ability to create an HR transformation by implementing the right HR focused technologies.

3. You are a truly global professional. You have lived in 8 countries, you speak Portuguese, German, and English – not to mention you hold multiple degrees from universities in Brazil, Germany, the UK, and now the US. Your pets are also global - can you share that story with us?

Mimi.jpgAdriana:  I grew up with pets - dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits and I loved it. The unconditional love is something very special. We wanted to provide our girls with the same experience, especially as we were moving quite often which can be quite stressful. While moving around for work, my husband, two daughters, and I added three new additions to our family. 

In Berlin, Germany, we adopted our first cat, Luna. When we moved to Switzerland, our family was very concerned Luna was getting lonely. We decided to adopt a companion for Luna our second cat, Mini. After moving to the United States, I began my Executive MBA program and was very busy with schooling and traveling for work so we adopted a beautiful mixed dog Daisy which became an important companion to our family.


PeopleDoc is happy to welcome Adriana Bokel Herde!

If you haven’t had a chance to see how Adriana Bokel Herde led an HR transformation at Biogen, watch her webinar on “Creating Better HR Experiences at Biogen”.

Watch “Creating Better  HR Experiences at Biogen”
Watch “Creating Better  HR Experiences at Biogen”

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