Peek into the Future of Work at HR Tech World Amsterdam
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on October 19th, 2017

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Peek into the Future of Work at HR Tech World Amsterdam

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More than 5,000 leaders from 6 continents are meeting this year at HR Tech World Amsterdam to share their vision for the future of HR and explore the new technologies that will impact it, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things, cognitive computing and chatbots.


It will be a rich two days thanks to exciting presentations by CEOs and HR leaders from some of the most dynamic companies in the world, including Engie, Lidl, Atos, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Vodafone.

Peek into the future of work at HR Tech World Amsterdam.pngAmong these leaders in HR innovation, Jean-Michel Estrade, SVP of Atos Global Employee Services will share his experience digitizing HR for 100,000 employees across 70 countries as part of a company-wide eTransformation initiative.

Here are the details:


True Stories from Global HR Innovators - Day 2, October 25 at 11:15am in E102

Join the SVP of Global Employee Services of Atos and the Chief People Officer of PeopleDoc, formerly of Biogen, as they share lessons learned from implementing innovative HR Service Delivery initiatives to counter complexity and accelerate corporate goals at global organizations. They will tackle topics such as standardization versus localization, measuring HR service, and rethinking HR organization. The speakers will also share advice on using technology to support change, including vendor selection requirements and making the most of your HCM investment.

Alongside real-life case studies straight from your peers, HR Tech World Amsterdam gets you up-close and personal with the newest developments in HR technology. Clément Buyse, COO and Co-Founder of PeopleDoc, will showcase the latest innovation in our HR Service Delivery platform as we build the workplace of the future.


Make sure you add this session to your agenda (and for a sneak peek, check out this article):

The HR Workplace of the Future - Day 1, October 24 at 1:25pm on the expo floor

The future of work will be collaborative, digital, and cross-functional--and HR is no exception. HR Operations professionals will need innovative tools to enable their work in this new world. Leveraging PeopleDoc’s platform and emerging workplace technologies like Facebook Workplace and Slack, PeopleDoc’s newest innovation in integrations and connectors revolutionizes how HR Operations teams work. Taking process automation to a different level, we’ll show you how PeopleDoc automates back-end tasks, linking your systems together, and notifies HR teams when something new has been completed or if they have a new task.

Finally, experience the PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform for yourself by visiting us at booth #500. You’ll also want to be sure to come by during our two cocktail events: 

  • happy hour on Tuesday at noon to kick off The Workplace of the Future demo (yes, happy hour at noon is a thing!)
  • happy hour on Tuesday at 5:00pm (because one happy hour a day is never enough!)

For you HR decision makers, this is an event not to be missed! Take advantage of the chance to get to know the HR experts at PeopleDoc and the only integrated HR Service Delivery platform in the cloud. 

Let's Meet at HR Tech World Amsterdam!
Let's Meet at HR Tech World Amsterdam!

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