HR Digital Transformation: Advice From an SVP
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on October 23rd, 2017

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HR Digital Transformation: Advice From an SVP

Digital Transformation

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When it comes to digital transformation, few walk the talk quite like Atos. A global digital services company with 100,000 employees across 70 countries, Atos recently overhauled its own HR operations and deployed a single, integrated HR solution worldwide, part of a program they call eTransformation.

Atos’ eTransformation initiative isn’t simply about digitizing current processes. Rather, it’s about reinventing processes to work better because of technology. As a leader in providing IT services, Atos was perfectly primed to take its own HR operations through a true digital transformation.

PeopleDoc sat down with Jean-Michel Estrade, SVP, HR Global Digitization & Services at Atos, to find out more about his project and his experience in HR technology and transformation.

Here are a few pieces of advice Jean-Michel had…

HR Digital Transformation- Advice from an SVP.pngOn the role of technology in HR transformation projects…

“Technology is an enabler of the transformation, it’s not the core driver. The core driver is the business process. What do we want to do? What do we want to achieve? Can we achieve it via technology? And if so, can we rethink the process in such a way that some steps are no longer necessary?”


On eliminating the barrier between front- and back-office...

“This border line has nurtured the idea that some tasks (client-facing or employee-facing) were generating more value to the company than others (purely admin and logistics). Technology is allowing managers to think in terms of one seamless process where the administrative dimension is embedded in the natural management actions and steps.”

On transforming processes…

“When re-engineering the processes, staying away from the temptation of being all encompassing and exhaustive is key; the guiding principle should be to look for simplification and optimization… and not for perfection and full exhaustiveness. If automated processes can cover 90% of situations, it is already a success in terms of efficiency and productivity.”

On employee experience as a business case…

“In the very near future, if it is not already the case, receiving an offer letter by mail will be seen as outdated when companies are now electronically transmitting offer letters with electronic signature to approve and accept in a click. This is basic. Sometimes the business case is just that—we have to keep up with what the market is doing. We have to keep up with the type of people we are trying to attract.”

On the role of HR and the future of work:

“HR will shift from a day-to-day reactive approach to become a proactive, forward-looking function—one of anticipation. This momentum, this shift will make HR jobs more meaningful to both the HR professional and the company.”

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