HR and Your Digital Transformation
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on August 30th, 2017

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HR and Your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

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In a recent article for Forbes, Peter Bendor-Samuel outlines the power of digital transformation to move businesses away from manually managed processes and focus on data instead. Processes are the traditional lens that businesses use to evaluate their services and how they support their employees. Automating processes with technology allows organizations to move data to center stage, helping them optimize in order to reconceptualize business models and move faster.

For instance, the example of Airbnb is used to show how the traditional hospitality model was subverted because their business model was based on the needs and expectations of consumers, rather than on traditional conceptualizations of “hotels.” Similarly, data-driven businesses focus on meeting the needs and expectations of employees in order to provide them with a great employee experience. To that end, digital transformation enables you to streamline your HR processes, helping your employees to be more productive and drive results.

Streamlining HR Can Have a Resounding Impact on Your Business

HR and Your Digital Transformation.pngDigital transformations provide the opportunity to dramatically increase your organization’s efficiency by transforming how HR services are delivered to employees. That’s because HR is just about the only organizational function that engages with every employee and by utilizing technology, it’s relatively easy to restructure employee interactions with HR. Positively impacting your employee’s experience leads to elevated employee engagement, which in turn yields real business benefits.

Businesses that have gone through a digital transformation often employ modern HR technology to provide employees with personalized information and tailored services, while enabling HR teams to be more productive, work more efficiently, and help more employees. Automation means that HR can spend less time on manual processes and more time on complex issues or organizational strategy. And state-of-the-art technology supports an organization’s digital transformation by digitizing and automating fundamental processes - essentially redesigning how services are provided to your employees.

Great Employee Service Means Greater Productivity

Supplying employees with “customer service-level” support can directly and positively impact their experience with your company, ultimately leading to increased levels of productivity. But it’s also important for your HR teams to be able to provide excellent service without adding more manual work to their already busy days. The only way to achieve this is with service-world technology.   

Investing in the right technology enables you to focus on the data so you can optimize HR operations. As a result, you can yield the significant benefits associated with a digital transformation, including saving valuable time for both your employees and your HR teams.

Download Your Blueprint for  Modern HR Service Delivery
Download Your Blueprint for  Modern HR Service Delivery

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