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How to build a culture of apprecation - The E-Factor plan

Tim Sackett by Tim Sackett   February 22 2018


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This post is the tenth in our E-Factor series, where we explore hot topics in Employee Experience. To read more about the E-Factor, click here.


According to recent research, employees deliver better customer service when they feel appreciated. This comes as no surprise when we consider the link between a positive employee experience and an engaged workforce. Building a culture of appreciation can be an integral part of your E-Factor plan. However, showing appreciation isn’t the same as giving feedback. In this video, Tim Sackett explains the difference and discusses how to make a habit of showing appreciation. 




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Tim Sackett and HR leader Ryan Higginson-Scott from Optimizely explain what it takes to build an employee experience everyone wants to be a part of in the webinar, 7 Things HR Pros Should be Doing to Deliver a World-Class Employee Experience

Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar
Tim Sackett
Tim Sackett

I’m a 20 year HR/Recruiting Talent Pro with a Master’s in HR and SPHR certification, currently residing in Lansing, MI. Currently the President at HRU Technical Resources – a $40M IT and Engineering contract staffing firm and RPO. Prior to joining HRU, I was the Director of Employment at Sparrow Health System, Regional HR and Staffing Director with Applebee’s Intl., Retail Health Recruiting Manager and Regional HR Mgr. with ShopKo Stores and Pamida respectively. I’ve split my career half between recruiting and half between HR generalist roles – also split half between the HR vendor community and Corporate America – So, I think I get it from both sides of the desk.