How HR Service Delivery Technology Helps High-Growth Companies Scale Quickly
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on November 14th, 2017

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How HR Service Delivery Technology Helps High-Growth Companies Scale Quickly

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Fast-growing companies face a multitude of challenges as they scale, from maintaining the appealing work culture of a small start-up to ensuring that internal processes keep up with the changing needs of the company. As you grow, it’s also important that you continue to provide high quality support services and a great employee experience for your expanding workforce.

HR Service Delivery technology is a powerful weapon that helps you ensure your employee services and internal operations run smoothly as you grow. As an example, we recently heard from Ryan Higginson-Scott, Senior Manager of People Operations, Systems, and Services at Optimizely -- a high-growth company using our solutions to help them scale HR -- about his insights into creating a great work culture and positive employee experience. In this post, we’ll go one step further to explore some of the ways an HR Service Delivery platform can help you support a growing employee base.

1. Change management

As you grow, your company is likely to go through changes, both big and small. These changes can include the creation of new or updated policies and procedures, or the implementation of new technologies. It’s crucial that these changes are effectively announced to all employees, which can become more challenging as your employee base grows or you expand to new locations. An HR Service Delivery platform provides a centralized place for employees to easily find all of your new announcements. It’s accessible access any time, from any device - meaning employees stay up-to-date with new changes regardless of where they are located. And an HR Service Delivery platform gives you a way to send employees any tasks associated with changes - such as an acknowledgement of a new policy - which employees can complete directly through the platform.


2. HRIS and the HR technology ecosystem

Growth often means not just new procedures but also new technology to support a larger organization. As your company gets bigger, you may need to change your Core HR system and start to use additional HR systems, such as Performance Management or a Learning Management System. Changing or adding systems can be a complicated process. An HR Service Delivery platform integrates with your HRIS and other software solutions, making a transition to new systems easy. This means that your employees won’t experience any disruption to their services, even as you make changes to the back-end.

3. Streamlined processes

As your company grows and takes on more employees, it’s crucial for your HR team to be able to build and implement efficient processes quickly. And as you continue to grow, your team needs the ability to easily adapt and update those processes, with limited service disruption to your employees. For example, onboarding can be one of the most complex processes to implement, as well as one of the most important. And it can be extremely time-consuming if HR is managing the process manually.


An HR Service Delivery platform enables HR to build out a streamlined onboarding process with the ability to automate and ensure that every step is accounted for. It should be easy for your team to update the process as you continue to expand, potentially taking on employees in different regions or with different types of worker agreements, which often require unique steps to the onboarding process. Of course, onboarding is just one of many processes that requires this kind of agility from HR operations, and an HR Service Delivery platform supports all of your internal people-based processes, ensuring they run efficiently and effectively.


4. Proactive compliance

As your company grows, it’s likely that your business will expand to new states or countries. Operating across multiple regions means that your HR team will have more local regulations to manage. An HR Service Delivery platform helps your team stay compliant by making it easier to manage employee files, which is particularly important as the quantity of files grows with your expanding business. You can also view reports to see if any required files are missing or about to expire, and then request these files from employees. And your team will have the ability to set retention schedules, ensuring you keep everything as long as you are legally required to. Effectively storing and managing large amounts of files helps your team stay in front of compliance issues before they even occur, mitigating risk and helping your company to avoid the costly penalties associated with noncompliance.

Want to learn more about how an HR Service Delivery platform makes it easy to support employees as you scale? Check out our solutions here! 

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