Heard at HR Tech: Don’t be sexy, just solve the problem.
Aimee Stone Munsell

By: Aimee Stone Munsell on October 14th, 2016

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Heard at HR Tech: Don’t be sexy, just solve the problem.

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While everyone else was talking away at a big industry conference last week I did a lot of listening. A few comments really stuck with me. These HR leaders voiced challenges in plain language that cut through the hype I’ve heard crowding many B2B solution markets. Below are my top four takeaways.


HR_TECH_Conf.jpg“Don't be sexy, just solve the problem.”

As a marketer, it is my mission to convey my brand's personality in a way that is magnetic. Attractive. Maybe even sexy. But I’m listening. And I do understand that for our relationship to last beyond the first date, my company and solutions can't just be about show; we need to provide real utility and serve you well. So we need to go for Match.com honeymoon sexy, not Tinder hookup sexy.


"It's my mission to reinvigorate HR as a profession."

This one hit me hard. As someone who has been alternately helped or frustrated by my HR partner's support throughout my career, I realize I have been guilty of not always understanding HR's job as it really is today. And I’m pretty sure I’ve worked for organizations that were guilty of the same. HR has undergone tremendous change and is under intense pressures. We all deserve to be respected at work and to be given opportunities to learn and evolve as our professions do in this rapidly changing digital world. As a marketer, I've experienced this pain and growth firsthand. And I’m dedicated to helping others make the shift with more optimism and less fear.

"People forget that HR professionals are employees too."

All the vendors and pundits at the big event were talking about delivering a better employee experience but not many solutions were actually making the HR team's job easier. I think this is exactly what the emerging HR Service Delivery space is all about and it is a good litmus test for just about every kind of B2B solution. We can get caught up in what's possible for the world and lose sight of what is most useful. We can also go too deep for too long in our own solution space and lose sight of the client challenges that got us excited about this business, to begin with. Talking with clients about their jobs, their ambitions, and their challenges can create regular “aha” moments about how we can expand our role in ways that are most useful to theirs. 

"We can only be successful by listening to you.”

This statement was spoken by our CEO during a client meeting. And it isn’t only talk. I’ve seen this statement brought to life by the company’s founders repeatedly during my first week on the job. This type of open culture energizes everyone working at PeopleDoc and I’m excited to now be a part of the mission to improve the daily lives and impact of HR teams everywhere.



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