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Julie Berke

By: Julie Berke on October 23rd, 2019

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Groupe Rocher's Move to a Modern Employee Experience

Employee Experience

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The workplace is quickly evolving and the HR function at Groupe Rocher, an international cosmetics and beauty company, is having no problem keeping up. Groupe Rocher wanted to provide a more modern employee experience so they looked to PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform to transform their processes. In the video below, hear from Daniel Gottselig, Director, Compensation & Benefits/Integration HR Group, Groupe Rocher, on why he chose PeopleDoc and how the platform is creating productivity gains for HR and ease for employees.




Becoming a more modern employer

Ensuring an effective and efficient onboarding process for new hires is difficult, yet crucial as it sets the tone for an employee’s overall experience at an organization. When evaluating the onboarding process at Groupe Rocher, one that consists of many individual and often nuanced processes per employee, Daniel realized the need to modernize, which led him to PeopleDoc.


Onboarding was once an admin-heavy process that spanned weeks, but with the implementation of PeopleDoc, it’s now completed by HR in about 15 minutes. Not only has efficiency improved, but Groupe Rocher is now “a much more modern employer,” says Daniel.


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Real impact for HR—and beyond

Improving the new hire experience and increasing HR productivity was what Groupe Rocher had hoped for when implementing PeopleDoc’s solutions—and now, it's reality. “PeopleDoc gave me the opportunity to rethink completely how we deal with administration in the company,” Daniel explains. “We now have the opportunity to centralize all of the needs and exchanges between employees, future employees, HR directors, and the whole organization.”

More than a vendor

HR teams support their company’s employees in immeasurable ways, and it was important for Daniel to find a technology partner that provided the same level of support for his own HR team. “With PeopleDoc I have partners that are really listening to my needs. They’re very open-minded and agile people, and we really enjoy working together as they’re very present—not only in our HR family, but also toward our employees. PeopleDoc is more than a vendor, [they’re] a partner.”


button to download PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery solution overview
button to download PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery solution overview

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