Get in the game! Complete your bracket for the Hottest HR Trend
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on March 2nd, 2018

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Get in the game! Complete your bracket for the Hottest HR Trend

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UPDATE: The contest has ended! The winning HR trend is ::drumroll:: Digitization! HR teams everywhere are focusing on taking advantage of technology to streamlines processes, increase efficiency and improve the employee experience. 

The results from Round 1 of our bracket challenge are in! But first, a little back story. Just like this year's college basketball teams, HR’s hottest trends are going head-to-head for HR’s attention (and budget). We asked you to rank 8 of the hottest HR trends to determine the final four, and they are...

Inline Image_Get in the game Complete your bracket1. Agility and productivity

HR needs to be just as efficient as other departments. That’s why they must take new approaches that streamline processes and reduce time spent on non-strategic tasks. 

2. Digitization

From paper files to electronic files. From phone calls and office hours to on-demand service. HR will be better by going digital.

3. Employee experience

In the world of Amazon and Uber, employees deserve a consumer-like experience—and HR is going to deliver

4. HR service delivery

It's standard practice to have an HRIS. Now, HR must complement this technology with tools that help deliver exceptional employee service.


Determine the final two! 

Complete your bracket below by ranking the final four trends (listed above) from most important (1) to least important (4). We'll announce the final two going to the championship round on Wednesday, March 14. Then, we'll narrow it down to one winner on Friday, March 16.

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Find out what we consider to be the 6 hottest HR trends of 2018

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