From 100 Years’ Worth of Paperwork to Paperless HR Files
Julie Berke

By: Julie Berke on January 14th, 2021

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From 100 Years’ Worth of Paperwork to Paperless HR Files

Digital Transformation

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As the Director of Shared Services at Delaware North, a global food service and hospitality company based out of New York, Bernadette Bargnesi has a lot on her plate. Depending on the season, Delaware North has anywhere between 35,000 and 55,000 employees (known as associates) supporting major venues around the globe—from national parks to casinos to ballparks and beyond—with associates primarily working remotely. 


As if it wasn’t already challenging enough to manage a dispersed workforce of that size, when Delaware North decided to move its headquarters to a new building, the HR team wasn’t able to bring the stacks of paperwork that had been piling up for years. To streamline their sudden pivot to paperless, Bernadette and her team reached out to PeopleDoc.  


Out with the old, in with the new 

While sifting through and digitizing almost 100 years’ worth of paperwork is no small task, Bernadette says PeopleDoc made it much more manageable, even connecting Delaware North with a scanning company that helped upload the existing files in a timely manner.


“PeopleDoc clearly was the best choice,” she says. “It took time… but the [scanning company] was awesome. They stepped us through it: they securely transported our documents from the file room and had them uploaded. That part was very seamless to us as an organization.”


This shift also presented an opportunity for Delaware North to approach file management with fresh eyes. To encourage both HR staff and managers across the organization to use the file management system, ease of use was a critical consideration—and PeopleDoc fit the bill. 


“It actually takes less than 15 minutes of training,” Bernadette says. “It’s very intuitive.”


The new system has also helped Delaware North minimize one of the biggest struggles that came with its outdated paper processes: managing a high volume of audit requests.


“We didn’t realize what a lifesaver it could be from an audit perspective,” Bernadette says. “In 30 to 45 minutes, we can have either the whole associate file available, or we can extract the individual piece that an auditor is looking for.”



A flexible experience for employees on the go

On the employee side, Delaware North implemented a feature that would give staff the ability to submit electronic forms from any device. Since the majority of the company’s employee base is mobile, working from a tablet while moving around large venues like Disney theme parks, the ability to rapidly update HR data on the go has proved invaluable. 


“Our HR does not sit in an office in that type of venue,” Bernadette says. “It empowers them to do what they were hired to do.”


This level of flexibility makes it easier for Delaware North to provide a strong and consistent employee experience, no matter where an employee is based or what kind of work they’re doing.


“We, as employers, need to take a step back and look at what we can do to provide quality service to our associates and make their lives easier,” Bernadette says. “PeopleDoc allows associates to be serviced in a way that they want to be serviced.” 


Peace of mind in a digital world

With online threats growing increasingly sophisticated, security was top of mind for Bernadette and her team when adopting a new system. PeopleDoc’s robust security features give them the peace of mind they need when dealing with highly sensitive employee data, like W-2s. 


Not only can the team stamp documents with a digital watermark and send them as links to associates or auditors for review, but they have control over how long these links are active. That way, if an email server gets hacked, enclosed links will almost certainly be outdated by the time prying eyes gain access to them.


“The security is phenomenal,” Bernadette says. “That’s something we use on an ongoing basis so we don’t necessarily have to give everyone access to a file.”


No paper, no problem

While transitioning from paper to paperless was initially intimidating, Bernadette couldn’t be happier with the outcome. 


“We had a seamless launch of the document management system and PeopleDoc has been an awesome partner from that perspective,” she said. “They’re easy to reach out to, have quick response times, and the systems are never down. I’ve never gone into the software and had a problem getting a file.”


Despite not being involved in the decision-making process when it came to choosing the new system, Bernadette wouldn’t change a thing. 


“PeopleDoc is best in class,” she says. “The decision to work with PeopleDoc was made before I joined the organization, but I’m grateful that they made that particular choice.”


To learn more about the benefits of a paperless document management system, download our eBook, TheComplete Guide to Digital HR Document Management.

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