Eliminate this One Form to Become More Strategic in HR
Tim Sackett

By: Tim Sackett on December 1st, 2015

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Eliminate this One Form to Become More Strategic in HR

HR Operational Efficiency

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If you Google “address change form”, and search images, you’ll come up with over a half a million address change forms online. This one form, singlehandedly, has become the poster child for bad HR!

Think about this for a minute.

The only reason you offer this form to your employees is to cover your own ass. It’s corporate CYA at its finest! A normal person, not from HR, would look at this process and say, “why all the steps to just change an employee’s address?”


You have to create a form. You have to offer the form, either online or paper copies. The employee has to fill out the form. You then have to take the form and do something with it, mostly likely update your electronic system with the correct address. Then, you have to do something with the form that was filled out. Destroy it, save it, delete it, etc. Five to seven steps for an employee to tell you they moved from one address to another. This is why your employees, your managers, your executives, your spouse, your kids and your pastor all hate HR!



A non-HR person would just have the employee stop by the office, pull up the screen that has the address and make the change right then and there. One step. Done. Everyone is happy. For those employees that are in remote locations, a non-HR person would say, “Well it’s 2015, we should be able to give them access to one screen to be able to make that change on their own.” Employee self-service, which has been around now, going on twenty years! But, still we have over a half a million forms online to allow our employees to change their addresses.


Eliminating this one form from your organization is the first step to making your HR shop more strategic. Why? If you can find a way to eliminate this form, you are changing the way HR has been done in your organization, probably for decades.  


This first step demonstrates to your organization that we are no longer going to just keep doing what we’ve been doing. We are going to make HR better. Better for our employees. Easier for our employees. We are going to eliminate extra work, extra steps.  Every second saved, counts.


We always think to be strategic in HR we need to make big, drastic changes. That isn’t the case. Doing the small things will add up, plus you won’t get major push back by making these small changes. The result is, over time, the organization starts to feel and look differently. Employees don’t see HR as a roadblock, but as an advocate for helping them be more efficient at their job.


Better HR, just because you had the guts to eliminate one form.  A form that most organizations are still holding on to for no apparent strategic reason.  


Are you ready to be more strategic?!  

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