About Syed Asif Ijaz

Syed Asif Ijaz is the Chief Customer Officer at PeopleDoc. With over 20 years of experience in building superior customer-centric service organizations at Saba, Progress Software, Siebel Systems, and Lawson Software, Syed is responsible for the overall customer success and adoption of PeopleDoc solutions, starting with successful setup/implementation, training, and ongoing customer success and customer support.

Being well versed in Cloud (SaaS) and Enterprise Software, Syed can offer deep insight into what is required to successfully adopt a technological solution, and he can ease customer concerns quickly. His passion for customer care and technical support has shown an increase in customer loyalty.

Life after Conferences: The Next Steps in Your HR Tech Decision

So you made it to HR Tech in Chicago or to HR Tech World Congress in Paris and saw lots of cool HR solutions that you wish you could immediately deploy (and start getting the value promised during those exciting product demos!).

Knowledge-Centered HR Service Delivery

The concept of knowledgebases and self-service portals has been around for decades. In the early incarnation of knowledgebases, it was nothing but a simple list of questions and answers, often known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). As customer service agents received and answered questions in a support center, they realized that many customers have similar or repeat questions, and so the idea of creating and documenting FAQs was born. This way, customers could help themselves to the answers to the most common questions.  

3 Attributes of a Best-in-Class HR Service Delivery Organization

It is no secret that happier employees help create happier customers. Being a customer service professional with years of experience servicing customers, it is very clear to me that the attributes that define best-in-class customer service organizations are the same as those that define best-in-class HR Service Delivery organizations servicing employees. In this post, I’ll review 3 attributes that define both world-class customer service organizations and HR Service Delivery organizations: