About Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby is the HR Bartender and president of ITM Group Inc., a Florida based training and human resources consulting firm focused on helping companies retain and engage talent. Sharlyn sees human resources as a strategic partner - the marketing department for a company’s internal clients rather as administrative. During her 20+ years in the profession, she has earned a reputation for bringing business solutions to reality. Prior to starting ITM Group, Sharlyn was vice president of human resources for Right Management Consultants, one of the world’s largest organizational consulting firms. She has designed and implemented highly successful programs for employee retention, internal and external customer satisfaction, and leadership development. Publications such as Reuters, The New York Times, ABC News, TODAY, Readers Digest, Men’s Health and The Wall Street Journal have sought out her expertise on topics related to human resources and workplace issues.

HR Innovation: 3 Ways to Change Our Relationship with Talent

  The Global Innovation Index ranks the innovation performance of 128 countries and economies around the world, based on 82 indicators. Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland, Singapore, and the United States lead the 2016 rankings of the world’s most innovative economies.

Change Management: It Applies to Small Changes Too!

As a general rule, organizations and individuals are very good about considering change management strategies when it comes to big, broad sweeping change efforts. But often when we’re faced with smaller changes, well, we don’t always follow the same plan. The question becomes, “Why not?”

3 Ways to Measure the Value of Your Strategic Efforts

Organizations create strategies to help them achieve their goals. However, once a strategy is created it’s imperative that the organization measure the value of the strategy, in addition to measuring the results.

How to Develop a Human Resources Strategy

How many times have we heard someone say, “Let’s develop a strategy to do ________.”? But what does that really mean? If you Google the definition of strategy, it’s “a method or plan chosen to bring about a desire future, such as the achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.” For example, organizations might have mobile strategies, representing a plan to add mobile capabilities to the business.

4 Ways for HR to Transform Work Within the Organization

It’s no secret that the business world is changing. Over the past decade, we’ve been introduced to smart phones, self-driving cars, and bitcoin. As the way we conduct business changes, jobs change too. For instance, it’s my understanding that social media has changed the way public relations does their job. Well, this applies to human resources as well.

3 Things You Must Do After Setting a Goal

Everyone sets goals. It might be a personal goal to exercise more. Or a professional goal to obtain a certification. Organizations set goals to increase profits, decrease expenses, improve product quality, and enhance customer service. But setting a goal isn’t enough. Once a goal is set, it needs to be accomplished. Effort and resources need to be used. Goals can often face challenges. Rarely does a goal “just happen.” In order to turn goals into results, they need to be monitored, measured, and tweaked. Here’s how you do it:  

How to Create an Effective Human Resources Policy

Policies are a course or principle of action adopted by a business or individual. In human resources, we’re often accused of having too many policies. But policies are what keep everyone on the same page so, the answer isn’t for HR to have fewer policies. Well, maybe it is. The real goal is to have effective policies.