About Nicole Lindenbaum

Nicole Lindenbaum is the Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software. Nicole leads the global messaging strategy for PeopleDoc by translating technology into business benefits HR can actually understand. With significant experience in HR technology, Nicole writes and speaks about HR service delivery, employee experience, digital transformation, and the future of work. Nicole holds a BFA from Syracuse University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Your Checklist for Effective Case Management

Effectively managing employee requests is foundational to successful HR operations. To be effective, you need a way for employees to submit their inquiries to the right person or team in HR, and for HR to easily track, manage, and resolve requests. HR Case Management technology makes this process simple, both for your employees and your HR team. It enables employees to submit and then keep track of the status of their request, and it makes sure requests get to the right HR rep, who can easily collaborate on or escalate a case if need be. We’ve put together a Checklist for Effective Case Management to help you prioritize and ensure your HR operations run smoothly.

Personalizing Processes: Why a Personal Touch Matters to Employees

HR processes range from the relatively simple to the messy and complex. Auditing, automating, and streamlining processes is necessary to make sure your HR resources are being used effectively and that your team isn’t spending unnecessary amounts of time working through a process. And while efficient process management generally translates into higher quality support for employees, it’s also important to personalize support for employees. Especially when it comes to complicated processes like onboarding, one-size-fits-all processes just won’t work. In this post, we’ll take a look at why personalization matters and how you can achieve it without adding to your HR team’s workload.

HR Service Delivery and Higher Education: A Look at Best Practices

Best-in-class HR Service Delivery provides great experiences and support for employees, regardless of location, role, or employee type. Higher Education is no different; universities and educational institutions support many different types of workers - from hourly student employees to adjunct faculty to tenured professors - and in many cases, across multiples campuses. In this post, we’ll explore best practices for HR Service Delivery in Higher Education to ensure the highest level of service for employees.

Anticipating the Future of Work with Experts from Match.com and Biogen

Technological innovation and the rise of the gig economy have proven to be powerful disruptions to traditional notions of work and the workforce. To keep up with these fundamental changes, businesses are redesigning their interactions with different employee types. In our recently published ebook, we explore the importance of providing the best possible services to a diverse workforce and the role of modern HR technology in elevating service quality. The eBook features insights from experts at Match.com, Biogen, and Recruiting Daily on how to transform HR processes and tools to keep up with today’s evolving workforce. In this post, we’ll highlight some of their most crucial points.

HR and Your Digital Transformation

In a recent article for Forbes, Peter Bendor-Samuel outlines the power of digital transformation to move businesses away from manually managed processes and focus on data instead. Processes are the traditional lens that businesses use to evaluate their services and how they support their employees. Automating processes with technology allows organizations to move data to center stage, helping them optimize in order to reconceptualize business models and move faster.

Changing Lives with Simplon

This past May, PeopleDoc launched a social action initiative to support two organizations that are doing amazing work with youth and vulnerable groups. This week, I spoke with Yann Perchec, CTO at PeopleDoc about one of these organizations. Simplon is a France-based company that is working to train vulnerable groups living in disadvantaged areas in computer programming. Their goal is to provide comprehensive professional training to young people and other disenfranchised groups so they can successfully find employment or start their own business.

Converting HR Data Into HR Information

Collecting data about your HR operational performance is important, but it’s also important to effectively convert your raw data into real insights so you can make smart, informed decisions. It can even be worthwhile to have people on your HR team that are particularly skilled at reading data. When you process your HR data into digestible pieces of information, you’ll have a much more comprehensive understanding of how your HR operations are working, where the bottlenecks are, and how to take strategic action to make continuous improvements.