About Julien Trombert

Julien Trombert is UX Designer at PeopleDoc. He works on PeopleDoc Employee File Management, PeopleDoc Advanced Document Generation and internal tools. Prior to PeopleDoc, Julien worked as a UX Designer at Sopra HR Software where he worked on the conception for the Sopra HR 4YOU product, among others. Julien has been participating in and animating design thinking workshops for several years and loves to start his workshops with a short meditation.

Understanding the design thinking process

What is design thinking? Design thinking is a human-centered, collaborative, iterative and optimistic process that aims to stimulate our creativity in diverse situations. Its proven methodology is widely known in the corporate world for its usefulness in the design of innovative solutions, no matter the industry or context. In fact, HR leaders from companies like T-Mobile, IBM, and GE are using design thinking to solve challenges such as employee engagement.