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About Breanna Paynter

Breanna Paynter is a soon-to-be graduate of the NYU MA program of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and currently works in the PeopleHub at PeopleDoc. She has a background in Psychology and started her career at a non-profit in Australia. Since then, she’s worked in HR and consulting throughout grad school, helping companies of various sizes and missions grapple with employee experience and change. She’s passionate about bettering the world of work and guiding purposeful organizations in developing their talent and culture.

The power of gratitude in the workplace

Have you ever thought about how often you give a genuine “thank you” to your team or acknowledge their contributions? Gratitude in the workplace is rarely top of mind for HR professionals because it sounds too simple (read: likely ineffective). Researchers have recently begun diving into this topic and they’ve found that an appreciative workplace tends to positively impact employee motivation, retention and engagement. Gratitude has even been called “the single most sustainable motivator.” Gratitude can have small impacts when used on its own, but when operationalized strategically in an organization’s culture, that’s where change can happen on a large scale.