About Antoine Roubaud

Antoine Roubaud leads the Implementation Team at PeopleDoc in North America. He shares his global project management experience to setup all PeopleDoc modules for our clients.

He is dedicated to high-quality delivery and focused on client satisfaction.

He worked as a Consultant and IT Project Manager in Paris before moving to the US. He holds an Engineer degree from ISEP (Paris) and spent one year at UNSW (Sydney) for a Research Practicum Program.

New Tech? Avoid These Pitfalls in Your HR Change Management Plan

Change is rarely easy and often essential. As your company evolves and the HR technology that once supported your workforce starts creaking under its weight, adopting new tools often becomes a necessity—but that doesn’t mean your workforce has to like it. Developing a thorough HR change management plan can help smooth the transition, of course, but even the best-laid plans can start to fall apart when the ship hits an unexpected iceberg. 

Digital Dexterity: What It Is, Why It's Important, and HR's Role In It

As Intel CEO Bob Swan recently wrote in a letter to customers, “We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain.” He’s right: virtually overnight, countless businesses were forced to adapt to a remote world in response to coronavirus—condensing what would typically be a multi-year digital transformation plan into days or weeks. But those with digitally dextrous employees had a head start. 

Agile HR vs. agile HR: More Than a Difference in Capitalization

For a long time, the only people familiar with Agile with an uppercase “A” were software developers. But over the past few years, the Agile methodology has made quite the splash, redefining project management and HR processes across a wide variety of industries.    At a time when change happens fast and HR needs to be more nimble than ever before, Agile can provide a wealth of benefits to any company—but its design does require significant restructuring across teams.   Before determining whether Agile is right for your HR team, it’s vital to first understand what it is, what the key concepts behind it are, and how it will impact the daily lives of your employees.   

Biogen’s HR Transformation

Driven by innovation, Biogen, one of the world’s oldest independent biotechnology companies invested in a digital evolution of their Human Resources department led by Adriana Bokel Herde. Adriana is Vice President of People Services at Biogen, and her mission is to deliver outstanding HR services for candidates, employees, managers, and executives. By selecting and implementing best-in-class solutions, she is successfully fulfilling that mission at Biogen.  PeopleDoc’s HR Document Management Solution helps Biogen’s HR department be agile, efficient, and compliant and plays a critical role in to delivering a great employee and manager experience.