About Aimee Stone Munsell

Aimee Stone Munsell is the Chief Marketing Officer of PeopleDoc. Aimee is passionate about creating customer experiences that motivate business leaders to make the most of our digital world for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

She has worked on Madison Avenue, run her own non-profit, and grown markets for Fortune100 companies. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed the benefits and surprises that come from managing teams of 5 to 50 around the world.

Trust the unknown and jump into the future

I came out of last week’s UNLEASH America HR tech event challenged and inspired. Since I have not yet automated my avatar to attend dueling sessions (something likely to happen sooner than we think), I am sharing three highlights out of the sessions I physically attended. Each of these provocative topics is worthy of going down the rabbit hole on, so let me know how your trip goes.

Innovation: A Lifelong Pursuit

While participating in the Red Herring 100 startup conference, I was reminded of some of the innovation practices I’ve found most useful over the years. Like meditation, innovation is a lifelong pursuit not mastered overnight. It is both purposeful and it has flow. To me, it is the very essence of being human. I’d love to hear how you foster innovation in your work at organizations big and small.

Service World Innovation and Market Disruption

Recently, we explored the tangible effects of living and working in a Service World, and how service delivery has drastically changed. Service World technology, enabled by the rise of cloud-based software and smartphones, is a major component of these changes. Sophisticated technology has altered how consumers interact with service providers and set a new bar for consumer expectations. These dynamics have led to innovation-driven growth in multiple industries. Here, we’ll explore how Service World technology spurs innovation, leading to market disruptions as innovative businesses change the game for consumers.

What Modern HR Looks Like in a Service World

Recently, we explored the ways that the delivery of services has fundamentally changed in the era of the Service World. Here, we’ll examine how modern HR Service Delivery can give your employees a Service World experience. HR Service Delivery has come a long way, and investing in state-of-the-art technology can help your company achieve fast and impressive results over older methods.

A New Era: How to Make Sense of the Service World

With the rise of new and better technology, the model for how services are delivered is changing. We now live in a Service World, which permeates major areas of business as well as our daily lives. Companies rely on smart, sophisticated technology to keep up with consumer expectations, and business models continue to evolve with the demands of this new world.

Heard at HR Tech: Don’t be sexy, just solve the problem.

While everyone else was talking away at a big industry conference last week I did a lot of listening. A few comments really stuck with me. These HR leaders voiced challenges in plain language that cut through the hype I’ve heard crowding many B2B solution markets. Below are my top four takeaways.