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Shane McCarthy is a global Product Marketer at PeopleDoc, Inc. He writes and speaks about HR service delivery, HR technology, and PeopleDoc, Inc. Prior to PeopleDoc, Shane worked as a marketing strategist for a leading maritime software company. Shane holds a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Connecticut. He loves his New York sports teams, even if they don't love him back most of the time.

Employee relations issues: A make-or-break for employee experience

Most of us now know that the employee experience is more than just benefits, vacation policies and catered lunches. It’s about putting your people first and providing great service to them when it matters most. But those moments aren’t only the happy work life events, such as onboarding, having a baby, or an internal transfer or promotion. It’s equally as important to support employees and managers through the (hopefully) rare occasions that require disciplinary action or Employee Relations (ER) involvement.

Automating HR processes: 4 places to start

Gartner recently surveyed 800+ HR leaders across 35+ countries and all major industries to assess their priorities and expected challenges in 2019. No surprise, but improving operational excellence was the second highest business priority, trailing only behind growing the business. Improving and automating manual, document-driven HR processes seems like an easy place to create efficiencies, improve accuracy and enhance the employee experience. But prioritizing which processes have the biggest (and quickest) impact on your organization can be difficult.   When you also consider the delicate balancing act HR needs to manage between providing high-touch support and automation, the decision on where to start gets even more cloudy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this blog we’ll explore 4 easy places to start when automating HR processes.  

Make seasonal and contingent workers a true part of your organization

As Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season fast approach, retailers and fulfillment centers are looking for seasonal workers to help meet the demand of the holiday spending season. Last year in the US alone, holiday sales rose to $691.9 billion in November and December, marking a 5.5% increase from the year before and the best holiday spending performance since 2005. This year, analysts are predicting that holiday sales will grow again.

Why it's important to deliver a great employee experience to deskless workers

Applications like Salesforce, Box, Microsoft Suite and Google Suite have improved workplace productivity, collaboration, and the employee experience for traditional desk workers. But what about the 80% of the global workforce who don’t work behind a desk? While companies provide countless consumer-grade applications for desk workers, non-desk workers don't have the same luxury of using applications that are purpose-built for their needs.

The key to a frictionless workforce experience? Meet employees where they are

The best thing I took away from this year’s HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas was not an awesome piece of swag (which there were many), or insights into an innovative technological breakthrough, or even Mike Rowe’s hilarious firsthand experience with “AI”—no, not the AI you are thinking of. It was the collective agreement from thought leaders, analysts, attendees and vendors that successful HR operations need to meet employees where they already are.

The role of technology in merger and acquisition communications

I recently read a few intriguing articles around how merger and acquisition (M&A) success hinges on people and the importance of communicating to employees throughout the merger or acquisition process. The two articles touched on how both acquirees and acquirers often experience significant communication breakdowns to their employees prior to, during, and after the M&A. Global M&A hit a 17 year record high in the first quarter of 2018.   Clearly, M&A is a critical strategy for many organizations, but for employees this can be one of the most uncertain times in their careers. That’s not to say that HR and leadership can’t deliver a great employee experience before, during and after a merger or acquisition. Take it from someone who is currently going through an acquisition.  

Designing experiences for today and the future of work

This is the second post in a two-part series about PeopleDoc’s approach to designing for HR and employees. Read the first post here.   I recently sat down with two of PeopleDoc’s Product Owners, Anaël Ichane and Alexandre Fernandez, to learn more about the HR user experience (UX) and the employee experience (EX). In this post, we will explore how PeopleDoc is designing for both today and the Future of Work.