About Anastasia Montagne

Anastasia Montagne is a Global Product Marketer at PeopleDoc. She writes and speaks about the magic world of HR service delivery, HR technology, and PeopleDoc. Prior to her role in Product Marketing, she worked at PeopleDoc as an Implementation Project Manager and as a Product Quality Manager. She has two Masters Degrees in Psychology and a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing & Management. Originally from Moscow, she has lived in Paris for several years and loves photography, languages and traveling the world.

Be ready for the exit: The HR implications of Brexit

In 2016 the people of the United Kingdom voted to no longer be a part of the European Union. After Brexit, new legislation will come into effect. Even if conditions and the date of the exit are still under negotiation and preparation, and the details still unclear, we already know that it will be very impactful for all areas of life in the UK and the EU, including implications for international businesses and their HR departments.

3 ways to use HR service delivery analytics

After several months of project implementation your new HR Service Delivery platform is finally live! The HR team and all employees are excited to use this new tool. Initial documents are signed and uploaded, requests are sent, and new knowledge base articles are published and read. The implementation phase is over, thank you everyone, it was a pleasure to work with you. Now let’s celebrate and enjoy the success of our new tool! Hmm, not so fast.