Are You Ready for HR 2.0?
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on August 16th, 2016

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Are You Ready for HR 2.0?

Digital Transformation

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In a recent article on TechCrunch, Tarun Kalra of Next World Capital gives an in-depth explanation of how HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies are leading a whole new wave of innovation. The premise of this discussion is that HR 1.0 was the original digitization of HR – moving administrative tasks, processes, and paperwork online. HR 2.0 is now disrupting these older models; today’s HR SaaS providers are focused on aligning business goals with talent.


As we recently discussed, legacy software has less freedom to disrupt. More established vendors are forced to make incremental improvements on existing products instead of being able to innovate and change how things are done. Kalra underscores this point by saying “HR 2.0 argues that Oracle, SAP and IBM are not a fit in a talent-centric economy precisely because they are not aggressively advancing innovation and differentiation.”

Here are some questions to help assess whether your current HR technology fits into your HR strategy.
  1. Are you struggling to meet the needs of your employees?
  2. Is it difficult to manage the growing complexities of global HR, remote workers, the contingent workforce, and millennial expectations?
  3. Would you like your HR software to be structured around the employees at your organization, instead of around outdated processes?
  4. Do you want technology with “clean and performant user experiences” instead of confusing, slow, and clunky experiences?
  5. Do you wish your HR software had been built “mobile-first” and “collaboration-first?”
  6. Do you want it to be so intuitive that it doesn’t require training? To feel like a consumer interface instead of an outdated system?
  7. Do you dream of having the flexibility to configure the technology to fit the needs of your organization vs. changing your processes to operate within the limitations of your technology?
  8. Are APIs and integrations important for keeping HR operations running smoothly?
  9. Do you want to make intelligent decisions based on business information, instead of merely reporting on KPIs?
  10. Do you want to give your company a competitive advantage?


If you answered yes to any of these, you are ready for HR 2.0.


At PeopleDoc, we partner with leading vendors in HCM. Our integrations with established HR 1.0 (and some HR 2.0) vendors fill in the gaps in an organization’s HR Service Delivery. We change the focus of HR Service Delivery from digitizing existing HR processes to transforming the employee experience – allowing HR to provide a better service to employees. We are not restricted by the constraints of HR 1.0. We are disruptive. Are you ready for us?


HR software is rapidly advancing. Are you ready for HR 2.0?

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Nicole Lindenbaum is the Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software. Nicole leads the global messaging strategy for PeopleDoc by translating technology into business benefits HR can actually understand. With significant experience in HR technology, Nicole writes and speaks about HR service delivery, employee experience, digital transformation, and the future of work. Nicole holds a BFA from Syracuse University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.