An HR Transformation Case Study: Atos
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on February 21st, 2019

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An HR Transformation Case Study: Atos

Digital Transformation

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If there’s anyone who understands the ins and outs of HR transformation, it’s Jean-Michel Estrade, SVP of HR Global Digitization and Services at Atos. He’s leading his organization’s eTransformation initiative, which seeks to streamline data management, administration and processes for employees, managers and operational HR.


One challenge he encountered was a disconnect between the data in their core HR system and the employee document management function. In this HR transformation case study, Jean-Michel explains why he chose PeopleDoc to address this issue and enable all stakeholders to take an active role in end-to-end HR Service Delivery.  




Moving to the cloud

It came down to two vendors for Atos’ document management needs. One offered an on-premise solution and the other was PeopleDoc Employee File Management, a cloud solution. Jean-Michel chose Employee File Management because cloud solutions are a growing trend within the HCM industry and PeopleDoc, as a company, "embodied the spirit of fast-growing and was eager to address the market,” says Jean-Michel.

A worldwide perspective

Jean-Michel needed to implement Employee File Management in 70 countries at the same time. Because Employee File Management is a global solution and integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, Atos’ HRIS, “the technical implementation was, in fact, quite easy to manage,” says Jean-Michel. “We were very impressed by the reactivity of the PeopleDoc team.”

Offer letters with the push of a button

Two arrows forming a circle to represent HR process automationOne way Atos is streamlining HR operations is by syncing Employee File Management with their SuccessFactors recruiting module to automate the offer letter process. Instead of a manager sending an email to HR to approve a new hire, the manager goes directly into SuccessFactors and pushes a button that generates an offer letter.


The offer letter is created within Employee File Management, automatically inputting the data that’s in Success Factors. Once the offer letter is electronically signed by the manager, it's sent to the new hire for electronic signature. The duly-signed document is then automatically filed away in the new hire’s digital employee folder.


“All of these steps were initially very paper-driven with a lot of actors in the process. We’re shortcutting all of this. The manager initiates the fully automated processes. The only participant is no longer the HR team, but the candidate who will become an employee,” explains Jean-Michel.

Strategy first

Though Jean-Michel came to PeopleDoc seeking a digital document management tool that integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, his need arose from a strategy focused on transformation, not technology. “We are transforming the HR function, we are not deploying a tool. But because we have a goal to transform the HR function, we need to have tools that enable that, and PeopleDoc is one of the enablers we’re relying on a lot.” 


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Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study

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