5 Emerging Technologies to Transform Your HR Department
Sharlyn Lauby

By: Sharlyn Lauby on October 14th, 2015

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5 Emerging Technologies to Transform Your HR Department

Digital Transformation

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Technology is an essential part of the way we conduct business today. While everything in our business doesn’t have to be automated, there are some basic technologies that most consumers expect. A couple of examples include a website and automated phone directories. These technologies help customers find information quickly to engage with the company.

The same concept applies with human resources. Organizations do not have to automate every aspect of HR, but there are some activities that candidates and employees expect. The good news is the technology exists. We just need to take advantage of it. Here are five common HR activities that can be transformed with the use of technology.


1. Recordkeeping

Paperless HR should be every company’s goal. According to The Paperless Project, 15 percent of an organization’s revenues are spent creating, managing and distributing documents. Going paperless saves money, helps the environment and it makes our jobs easier. Organizations can store employee documents online for easy access and maintenance.


2. Compliance and regulations

Organizations cannot escape legislation and regulation. There will always be a need for lawyers and documentation. But the good news is today’s technology solutions are helping companies make their compliance obligations easier. A couple of examples include online employment verifications and electronic Form I-9 administration.


3. Employee productivity

Everyone wants to be productive. New hire employees are anxious to contribute. Hiring managers want productive employees to meet their goals. Strategically automating the process that creates productivity – onboarding - can have a huge impact on the bottom-line. The company benefits with profits, ecstatic customers, and increased market share.


4. Employee communication

Once an employee is hired, it’s important to get them and keep them engaged. Timely and well-prepared communications about policies, procedures and benefits can make employees feel comfortable and confident about their role. They can focus on the work because they know they can get answers to their questions when necessary.


5. Reporting

The business world is moving much too fast not to constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of internal programs. HR software providers realize this and are building reporting features into their platforms. Organizations can have the data they need to make business decisions by pressing a single key.


Take a look at the 5 Emerging Technologies to Transform Your HR Department


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is reporting that job vacancies are at a 14-year high and average hiring time has increased by 10 days. As the war for talent escalates, human resources departments will need to focus their energy on those tasks that must be handled in person. They will be looking for opportunities to automate and become more efficient.

Smart human resources departments will be looking at these technologies to transform the way they do business. HR departments that have some of these technologies will be looking for new ways to use their investment. Either way, the future of human resources effectiveness has a strong technology component.

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