4 Ways for HR to Transform Work Within the Organization
Sharlyn Lauby

By: Sharlyn Lauby on June 21st, 2016

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4 Ways for HR to Transform Work Within the Organization

Digital Transformation

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It’s no secret that the business world is changing. Over the past decade, we’ve been introduced to smart phones, self-driving cars, and bitcoin. As the way we conduct business changes, jobs change too. For instance, it’s my understanding that social media has changed the way public relations does their job. Well, this applies to human resources as well.

Human resources professionals have a tremendous opportunity to transform their organizations in light of emerging business trends. Here are four major business trends with examples of how HR can use them to change the face of work:

TREND #1 - Globalization

Globalization has been a part of business for a long time, but the dynamics are changing. Globalization isn’t simply about imports and exports. Globalization now has a digital component. And as a result, we’re seeing a realization that talent is borderless. Virtual teams are no longer a luxury, they’re a necessity. Businesses need to cast a wider net to find the best talent and remain competitive.

TRANSFORM the organization by using technology to create a talent strategy that aligns with the business. Modern recruiting solutions are capable of managing the company’s regular full-time and contingent workforce.

TREND #2 - Technology

Companies can no longer ignore mobile. Mobile devices are preferred by many over PC’s and even laptops. According to Google, more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed site – that includes recruiting sites. Even the Cloud is changing, which will have an impact on software solutions.  

TRANSFORM human resources functions by understanding today’s technology infrastructure. It will help design programs that can meet the needs of the organization today and in the future.

TREND #3 - Workplace Redesign

Employees want to play an active role in the design of their work. That includes the space they use to complete it. Think of it as employees being workspace consumers. There’s clear evidence of this in today’s collaborative office space designs – employees are not working in sterile rows of undescriptive cubes.

TRANSFORM the workplace with office spaces that resemble living spaces. Not only is it more visually appealing, but it sends the message that the organization cares about the place that employees spend the majority of their time.

TREND #4 – Manager Mindset

The last trend mentioned that employees want an active role in designing and delivering their work. This has a definite impact on the role of management. Instead of “telling” employees what to do and how to do it, managers are taking on the role of coach. They are giving employees the tools to be successful and getting out of their way. Then they can offer support and guidance to employees as needed.

TRANSFORM the organization by giving managers the training they need to assume the role of coach. It’s a win for the entire organization.

Make no mistake, transforming the organization isn’t easy. And these trends are not exclusive of each other. Globalization and technology are intertwined. Same with technology and workspace. And management factors into all of them.

Transforming the organization isn’t an exercise to make human resources relevant. It’s a regularly recurring activity designed to keep the organization relevant.


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