3 ways to use HR service delivery analytics
Anastasia Montagne

By: Anastasia Montagne on January 10th, 2019

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3 ways to use HR service delivery analytics

HR Service Delivery

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After several months of project implementation your new HR Service Delivery platform is finally live! The HR team and all employees are excited to use this new tool. Initial documents are signed and uploaded, requests are sent, and new knowledge base articles are published and read. The implementation phase is over, thank you everyone, it was a pleasure to work with you. Now let’s celebrate and enjoy the success of our new tool! Hmm, not so fast.


Take a glass, grab a bottle of champagne and prepare yourself for the next step. Your HR adventure has just begun and you, as its captain, need to be geared up with a relevant analytics dashboard to help you navigate the ocean of HR data.


Today, all industries and functions track their activity based on data analytics—and HR is not an exception. Different data, presented in a customized dashboard, brings you a global vision of your activity from different angles. You can use this data to analyze the performance of your activity and make new strategic decisions based on this information as well as custom trend reports. Here are few examples of how to monitor and improve services using HR service delivery analytics.

1. Improve HR's performance

Bar graph representing improved HR servicesYou’ve implemented an HR Service Delivery platform in order to improve the employee experience and optimize your internal processes…but how will you know if it’s working efficiently? How many employee requests were resolved over the last few months? Were SLAs met? What is the average resolution time?

All this data allows you to have a global view of your HR team’s performance and the efficiency of your HR processes. So use it to track relevant KPIs, measure SLAs, identify bottlenecks and optimize your strategy accordingly…be agile!

2. Make life easier for your employees

Another goal of your HR Service Delivery platform implementation is to make your employees’ lives easier and better. So, ensure that your “client” is satisfied and knows the possibilities of the tool. Also, ensure that people managers know how to use the tool to better engage with their teams. Any unused feature, content, or data might be a lost opportunity to capture more value on both sides.

What are your employees’ most popular requests? Which articles in your knowledge base are most often consulted? How much time do your employees need to sign a document? A full view of the employee experience with your HR tools allows you to analyze the existing content and provide new information back to your employees. Regularly benchmark the value of the existing HR information in your knowledge base and continuously adjust to meet changing employee needs and expectations.

3. Boost motivation among the HR team

HR team analyzing data to improve HR services

Don’t forget about your crew! Your HR platform is a powerful tool to help your team resolve their everyday challenges.


Pay special attention to your team’s motivation. Share with your HR team members their individual performance results. According to Deloitte’s Talent 2020 series, performing meaningful work is one of the top 3 motivational drivers. Providing performance feedback allows you to raise their job satisfaction, improve their efficiency and reduce  turnover. Help them grow and develop in new directions.


Continuously improve HR service delivery 

Now that your company is live with an HR Service Delivery platform, you can expect things to constantly evolve as you transform your processes. So, be prepared to monitor trends with your HR Service Delivery analytics! Your analytics dashboard is here to give you a global vision of your HR activity and help guide your strategy and decision making.


Learn how PeopleDoc's Advanced Analytics platform can help you supercharge your HR service delivery. This quick video explains how it works:

Watch the video
Watch the video

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