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3 Attributes of a Best-in-Class HR Service Delivery Organization
Syed Asif Ijaz

By: Syed Asif Ijaz on July 28th, 2016

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3 Attributes of a Best-in-Class HR Service Delivery Organization

HR Service Delivery

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It is no secret that happier employees help create happier customers. Being a customer service professional with years of experience servicing customers, it is very clear to me that the attributes that define best-in-class customer service organizations are the same as those that define best-in-class HR Service Delivery organizations servicing employees.

Here are three attributes of world-class customer service organizations and HR Service Delivery organizations.

In this post, I’ll review 3 attributes that define both world-class customer service organizations and HR Service Delivery organizations:


1. Immediate response matters: We all know that immediate response to questions is important in this day and age. With the proliferation of online resources like Google, Wikipedia, Siri, etc., customers' expectations are high. The same applies to employees when they are looking for a company policy or to find out more about benefits; immediate response is key.


2. Be where your customers are: Matching the locations and channels customers feel comfortable communicating over is another important attribute of a world-class customer service organization. This includes providing multiple channels for communicating, and supporting the languages your customers expect. The same applies to world-class HR Service Organization. Ensuring that you are present on several channels, including mobile, and in local languages is another key attribute that defines world-class HR Service Delivery organizations.


3. Let your customers serve themselves: The days of making customers search for a phone number to call your support team, explain their issue, only to have the support person search for an answer in an internal knowledgebase are long gone. The customer neither has patience to search and remember your support phone number nor is interested in speaking live during your business hours to a customer service rep, who is then simply collecting information and then doing a search in an internal database. Customers would rather serve themselves at the time they need help. Pushing the knowledge known to internal resources to the edge and eliminating the middle man is another key attribute of a world-class customer service organization. The same applies to world-class HR Service Delivery organization. Focus on generating and building rich and relevant knowledgebase content for your employees and then push this knowledge to a place where employees can search on their own.


While these three attributes have been prominent in my experience working with both customer service and HR teams, they are just the beginning. The leading HR organizations are learning lessons from their counterparts in customer service. By shifting the mindset to think of employees as customers, HR service organizations will be in a much stronger position to provide a better employee experience.


Check back for more insight on building leading customer service organizations, which evokes many themes relevant to HR service. Syed's next post will be on how to build a relevant and rich knowledgebase leveraging Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) methodology.



We explain the 3 attributes to a best-in-class HR Service Delivery.

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About Syed Asif Ijaz

Syed Asif Ijaz is the Chief Customer Officer at PeopleDoc. With over 20 years of experience in building superior customer-centric service organizations at Saba, Progress Software, Siebel Systems, and Lawson Software, Syed is responsible for the overall customer success and adoption of PeopleDoc solutions, starting with successful setup/implementation, training, and ongoing customer success and customer support.

Being well versed in Cloud (SaaS) and Enterprise Software, Syed can offer deep insight into what is required to successfully adopt a technological solution, and he can ease customer concerns quickly. His passion for customer care and technical support has shown an increase in customer loyalty.