2020 Wrap-Up: All The HR Articles You
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on December 29th, 2020

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2020 Wrap-Up: All The HR Articles You'll Want to Read Before the New Year

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The past nine months have been a whirlwind of events that kept HR and business leaders on their toes. Most likely, you didn’t have much—if any—downtime. Now that we’re in the lull before the new year, it’s a good time to catch up on the insights from this year that will equip you for a fresh start in 2021. To make it easy, we compiled our very best how-to articles into a single post. Come back to it whenever you need guidance on navigating the new world of HR and work.


1. How To Manage Change Within Your HR Department

Your company may have strategies for managing change at an organizational level, but dealing with change at the department level requires a more nuanced approach. And if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant. Sharlyn Lauby offers seven ways HR departments can be prepared to adapt to change at any time.


2. How to Approach Employee Experience Now That Everything’s Different

2020 altered the employee experience model as we knew it. Technology used to be a small component. Now, it’s hyper critical for staying connected and productive. In this post, we explore five ways in which the tenets of employee experience have drastically changed and what HR can do to meet employees’ new expectations.


3. How to Ensure A Sound HR Business Continuity Plan

Some organizations already had continuity plans for situations like natural disasters or terrorist attacks, but many didn’t have plans in place for a global pandemic. In this post, we discuss how to take what we learned from the pandemic to ensure HR operations keep running and your people are taken care of.


4. How to Get Comfortable With Cloud Technology

When businesses had to switch to remote work in a matter of days, it’s no secret that those already using cloud-based systems had an advantage. Going forward, cloud applications will no longer be optional. If that sounds intimidating, this post explains exactly how cloud technology works as well as all the benefits beyond remote work.


5. How to Provide Great HR Service for Remote Employees

Even as businesses start to bring some employees back to the workplace, many will continue to operate a hybrid model: some employees in the office or on-site, and some working from home. This article explains how you can give all employees the same level of HR service no matter where they work from.


6. How to Create a Remote Work Policy for the Long Term

Do you plan to let your employees work remotely even as COVID-19 becomes less of a threat? Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when replacing your interim remote work policy with one that’s long-term.


7. How to Create a Sense of Belonging for All Employees 

This year’s discussions around racial justice have increased leaders’ awareness that diversity and inclusion must be critical business priorities. But it’s only a start. A sense of belonging is what translates D&I efforts into an environment where employees can truly be themselves. This post shares a few ways HR can foster a feeling of belonging at work.


8. How to Lead With Both Realism and Confidence During Tough Times

The challenges we faced this year left no room for sugarcoating. Leaders were torn between communicating need-to-know information without stirring anxiety. Bounded optimism instills a sense of hope without appearing out of touch. Here are a few tips for putting this leadership style into practice.


9. How to Make Sure Employees Stay Engaged

The same employee engagement strategies that worked in a pre-pandemic world may not work today or tomorrow. As things change from one week to the next, organizations will need to keep a constant pulse on how employees are feeling if they want to keep them engaged. Here are a few considerations for adapting your survey strategy to this new reality.


10. How to Prepare for the Future of HR and Work

The coronavirus has altered the course of HR radically and, perhaps, permanently. There are few silver linings to the pandemic, but some of these changes may be for the better. As you start to think about what the future looks like for your company and your team, here are a few HR trends that have been upended by COVID-19—and a few that have been accelerated.


The PeopleDoc blog will be back next year with fresh insights, guidance and tips. Until then, check out our HR eBooks, whitepapers, and mini-courses at our resource center.


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